Bound Minds, Shackled Mentalities

UP NEPA! That was the “joyful” noise that rent the air as our inept
power providers deemed it fit to bless us with a few hours of electricity after a week. I half-expected myself to be happy but it was the opposite- I was pissed! Partly at PHCN for being so messed up but the bulk of my pent up anger was directed at myself, my neighbours and everyone else in general.

Why should we be glad that people meant to cater for our needs and whose salaries are paid with our taxes do what they are normally expected to do? Is it not their job? Why should we sing praises of a governor or any public officer for building roads, schools, creating employment opportunities, facilitating health care, providing water and other basic amenities when we put him there for the exact same reasons? They are actually our employees for goodness sake!

Please don’t get me wrong- this is not about our civil servants or
public servants or anybody in a position to do what is expected and thinks he is doing us a favour. My exasperation actually emanates from the fact that our mindset is what turned our cuddly little public service providers into monsters Have we ever wondered what would happen if a two-hour power outage happens in New York or Tokyo? Total chaos. Right now, Obama is being barracked from every angle even when there is power, water, social security, health care and other basic things. Their reason? The economy’s in deep water. If we are able to get that much from Jonathan, Fashola or any of our leaders, we would want the Pope to proclaim them as saints. This makes me wonder what’s wrong with us at times.

These days, we live under the impression that we are being done a
favour when what is actually our right is done for us. Do you praise a banker for taking your cash deposit or paying you when you withdraw money from your account? Do you turn your employee into a god for doing the job that you pay him for? That’s the way I see it because it just so appears that they are only doing what’s expected of them.

We’ve largely seen ourselves as free from the shackles of imperial
slavery but allowed ourselves to become mentally emasculated. We know our system isn’t right but keep mum, only picking the appropriate moment to speak at beer parlours and newspaper stands where we are proud to don the crown of self proclaimed “street analysts”. It only shows that there is a new prison that we have unwittingly but willingly walked into and this is the prison of the mind.

How many times have we said that our neighbour is ‘enjoying’ just
because he has a generator, a car, borehole, health insurance and the likes when in every sense of the word, all the aforementioned things are basic? Stuff he’d even avoid having in a sane society because they’re already provided for. Again it is a thing of the mind. When our public officers are praised for doing things that public officers abroad would be sacked for because they’re not doing more, it is the mental conditioning of a mind in chains.

In the western world now, yearnings and expectations from government
and public service providers have gone beyond basic needs to issues like economic security, environmental protection and drug control. Sadly, we are still stuck with the indignity of seeing ourselves as kings when bestowed with the rights of beggars in other climes. We say we have rights when we do not have any semblance of it in the real sense and this has got to stop. It is time to put our feet down and decide that we do not have to cheer when our entitlements are presented to us as presents. It’s time to break free of the shackles of our minds because that’s where the problem lies. The day we decide not to accept failure or take no for an answer is the day we’ll become liberated.

The mind is a terrible thing to put in chains because a chained mind
translates to an imprisoned body though not in the literal sense. Our minds must begin to be emancipated because no physical change can occur when the unseen (mind/spirit/soul) is in bondage. You do yours and I’ll do mine and maybe the change we expect to happen will come sooner than expected.


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