This is a sequel (kind of) to

I love sequels (though not as much as our Nollywood home video producers). Actually, I was lured into thinking that penning a ‘part two’ of sorts for the article in the last edition was a good idea. In the last edition, I ‘x-rayed’ some popular quotes that seem to ring true but are nothing more than ‘feel good statements’, coming off as really smart but of little or no value.

This time around, I’m expressing my affinity for statements that appear to be pretty ridiculous but on close examination, hold some very important truths. For instance, what would you have thought if you were a Pharisee listening to Jesus talk about being willing to lose your life in order to save it? I bet it would have appeared silly but that’s the way the wisdom of God is because his ways are not our ways. However, the basic truth is that for anyone to be able to have eternal life, he must let go of the ‘life’ of this world for His sake. How complicated is that? Simplistically complicated is the answer.

Someone once said that there is no mistake as great as that of always being right. What kind of statement is this? How can always being right be wrong or a mistake for that matter? But think about this for a moment. If people are always right, it means they’re never wrong. At least that’s the way things work at a strictly logical level. In the real world of human beings, there’s no bigger turn-off than pompous know-it-all who believe they’re always right (ask Hitler, Gadaffi or Saddam Hussein. To me, there’s only one person who’s never wrong and He’s not of the flesh: God.

An older friend once told me, “Run your own race” and his statement made me ask, “How can I run my own race in this world of fierce competition?” I can’t quite remember his exact words but the essence of what he said was that there isn’t an absolute finish line for everyone in life. Our tracks are different, our lanes are different and our duration- different. The only thing we have in common is the same judge. For example, one person graduates at the age of 20 and struggles for the next five years to get a job while another graduates at age 25 and gets a job immediately. One becomes a CEO at 30, another becomes CEO at 52. Life is full of twists and turns, ups and downs plus many surprises and offers each one of us different opportunities. It is up to each of us to patiently prepare and wait for that opportunity. We learn on the way- no one knows it all or has it better. There’s no competition in life so let’s learn to go easy on ourselves and trust that God is working it all for good (even if it doesn’t make sense at the time). Lots of things in life are by choice and not by force.

Jesus spoke in parables and made a lot of paradoxical statements. People had to be patient and discerning to understand them. They always sound inane but that’s the beauty of these seemingly self-contradictory statements. Paradoxes are truths, standing on their heads to get our attention; I just hope we don’t have to stand on our heads to understand them.Adios!


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