This was the best office party he’s ever been…

But then, he hadn’t been to many; the company he worked at before moving to Servicom was a small time tech company filled with nerds who had no idea what ‘turning up’ meant. Their idea of a party was simply good food, small speeches and randomly picking staff to tell drab jokes.

He hated that.

Now Ben was on the verge of being promoted to head the Value Added Services department the following year. He didn’t want to dwell on his change of fortunes and decided to just enjoy the wine and music.

“Nice party isn’t it? I can tell you haven’t been to one of these.” Bella said with a smirk.

He froze.

Oh no, not Bella, anyone else but this drop dead diva who treated everyone like crap.

“You can ease up Ben, it’s an awesome party and I’m not looking for a fight. Actually I won’t mind your company; the other guys are acting like total jerks.”

So they talked for the first time. He got to know more about Bella amidst glasses of wine and dessert. He couldn’t tell if it was the wine or chemistry but they even flirted and shared a few stolen kisses. Three hours later, Ben wound up in a bed that wasn’t his.

It was dark when he woke up, all he could see was the glow of the alarm clock flashing 12:07 before she pushed a knife through his chest, her other hand muffling his screams.

Ben gasped and sat bolt upright. It was only a dream but he couldn’t help looking at the alarm clock the glowing green light read 12:06.

And that was when he heard the bedroom door creak open.

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