Lẹ́bẹ́: Seun Odukoya Releases Gritty Crime Novel

If you want gritty Nigerian crime fiction in the most unusual of forms, this is it.
We read a ton of free good stuff from Seun Odukoya year after year, from Love Drops to Four Days and a Night, For the Want of a Child, Booooom and many others, besides Saving Dapo. And we all (well, most of us) claim to love it. Now’s the time to put your mouth where your money is.
Wait, no that sounds like something out of a money ritual playbook :D, interpret it the other way around. Sha come and buy book!
Seun’s out again with Lebe this time around. And since y’all know me as a wobe (translation: unruly, streetwise) somebody, I’m sold on it already because I know it’s worth it
Lebe is the story of an amateur boxer who’s sent to prison for getting on the wrong side of a rich man and roughing up some police officers. Of course, he is forgotten there. Sometime later, he does the cousin of a colonel a favor and the colonel gets him released into his custody as a companion for the Colonel’s cripple son. Unknown to the colonel however, his son was the protégé of a murdered hero and he has been searching for a replacement. The amateur boxer, in exchange for help finding his wife and child helps rid the streets of a new designer drug and in the process, learns what it is to be a hero.
Lẹ́bẹ́ is a street-level, crime-noir pulp magazine-type publication and is now available on OkadaBooks for five hundred naira (N500) only! See link below or just download the app and buy the book. E nor too chop data 😉 .
Thank you for the support!

Source: Lẹ́bẹ́: E Don Come!


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